Thank you for deciding to support this Foundation.  As insecurity bites harder in Nigeria, threatening peace, stability and development, one of the important ways of encouraging security operatives at the front line is by supporting the families that their fallen colleagues left behind.

To guard our integrity, we provide feedback on how your donation supported our cause to advance the welfare of families of security operatives who die in the line of duty in Nigeria. And if you like, we can arrange for you to meet the direct beneficiaries of your support across the country.

Kindly click here to donate in USD, or you may click here to donate in Naira.

Alternatively, you do a mobile transfer to any of the following accounts through your mobile banking apps, or walk into your banking hall to do the transaction across the counter.

To enable us send a feedback on your support, please contact us at, or send a text message containing your email address to 09067805232.

Thank you.

Accounts Details :

Foundation for Families of Fallen Servicemen

GTBank (USD)           – 0252896919

GTBank (Naira)   – 0252896892

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please take note that we might have difficulty sending a feedback to acknowledge your donations unless you forward details of the transaction to us at, or send the debit sms notification to 09067805232.