Foundation for Families of Fallen Servicemen is a non-profit organization founded to address the welfare challenges facing families of security operatives who die in the line of duty in Nigeria.

The Foundation believes that in return for the sacrifices of military and paramilitary members of the armed services of the federation who die defending our internal security and national sovereignty against internal and external aggression,  the families they leave behind are deserving of our support to live confident and productive lives.

Beyond our commitments to providing emotional, financial and psychological support to the surviving families of fallen servicemen, the Foundation  engages in commemorative annual community development projects, such as building of clinics, drilling of boreholes and combating general epidemic in remote rural and developing communities in honour of distinguished fallen servicemen, our patrons and partnering philanthropists.

You can click on the following links to learn more about Our Inspiration, Our Vision and Mission, Our Structure and Board of Trustees.

You may also sign up as a volunteer of this peace building Foundation or become a patron and invest in Nigeria’s security to write your name in gold! Every kobo has its value, and we add value to ourselves when we add value to the society.

You are highly welcome to the world of Families of Fallen Servicemen in Nigeria.