NGO writes Nigeria Governors’ Forum, appeals to governors to declare free education for children of fallen heroes

Representatives of the NGO during courtesy visit to the Chief of Army Staff.

As Nigeria celebrates another Armed Forces Remembrance Day on January 15, 2020 Foundation for Families of Fallen Servicemen has appealed to the Nigeria Governors’ Forum to declare free education for children of fallen servicemen in Nigeria.

In the letter addressed to the Chairman and delivered to the Secretariat of Nigeria Governors’ Forum at 51, Lake Chad Crescent, Maitama, Abuja on 7th January, the Chairman of the Foundation, Alex Ojo, Esq. appealed to State Governors across the country to seize the occasion of the forthcoming Armed Forces Remembrance Day to make the declaration, arguing that adequate support for families of fallen servicemen is very imperative for the country at this peculiar time in our history as a nation. He added that among other multiple challenges faced by the families, making education free for their children is a gesture that will go a long way to encourage and boost the morale of security operatives and members of the armed forces who give their all to defend the country at the front lines.

The Foundation, according to the chairman, was founded to support the children and wives of security operatives who die in the line of duty in Nigeria. With particular focus on the children, the Foundation states that its mission includes facilitating free education, free health services, housing, and economic empowerment for dependents of soldiers and other security operatives who die in the line of duty Nigeria, with the aim of promoting patriotism and gallantry at the front lines to strengthen security for a safer and more progressive Nigeria.