‘Boko Haram kill my soldier pikin’

Plenty Nigerian soldiers don die as dem dey wage war to push Boko Haram comot dia base.

For many of di families wey dem leave behind, life no go ever be di same again.

King Okoro (no be im real name as im tell us to hide im identity) lose im first son on July 15 2018 wen Boko Haram attack dem, im bin join Nigerian Army before di Boko Haram gbege start.

Okoro tell BBC Pidgin say life hard since den, tins don change and di mata dey make am sick.

Im pikin na im first son and im be dey look up to am to take care of di younger ones.

Okoro wish say gofment go fit do more to epp di families wey di soldiers wey pay di ultimate price for di fight against Boko Haram leave behind. You can watch Okoro in this video on BBC website as he narrates his experience: https://www.bbc.com/pidgin/tori-49168159.